My Family

I am Shynae and I found my passion for photography after my little girl was born.

I have a partner Danny, who encourages me to be better in everything I do. I have 2 daughters who are my mini models. My family have taught me to love adventures more.

Just tonight, as I am setting up a mini session post, my daughter says to me – “Oh mum, all of your pictures are just amazing, you make everyone looks so good!”. If that can’t encourage you to keep going, I am not sure what can!

When I started

I started photographing weddings as a second shooter at the start of 2018 and more recently rediscovered my passion for photography while taking photos of my family and friends.

Crazy = fun

I am up for new ideas, if you think it is crazy, let me know. I will always be up for a challenge, adventure or just a simple session at home in your backyard.

I want to help you create memories, capture the moments, and share with the world… or at least your friends and family!


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