Wodonga Saints Game Day Photo Form


I have read and agree to the following statement: I commission Shynae Kate Photography, the photographer, to photograph myself and/or my spouse and/or underage children. I hereby grant and understand that Shynae Kate Photography may use my images (but not limited to) social media/advertisement etc., and there will be no compensation to the above.


I agree to only download images of myself, and will not abuse my access by downloading images of other players. I acknowledge I will lose all access to download future images if this is not adhered to. The payment made is non-refundable and includes the selected packages above.


As a client of Shynae Kate Photography, I acknowledge and understand that the images taken by Shynae Kate Photography, said PHOTOGRAPHER; are protected by Federal Copyright Laws. I understand it is ILLEGAL to scan, copy, print or reproduce without PHOTOGRAPHER’s permission, and violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties. A limited PRINT RELEASE is supplied with the purchase of my images, along with high resolution digital files. Reproduction includes, downloading, saving to hard-drive, posting on personal websites/blogs/social media only with photographer acknowledgment and printing. By choosing “I Agree” I will honour the above statement.